*published Jan 2024 Employee Wellbeing Outcomes from Individual Level Mental Health Interventions –

Oxford University Industrial relations Journal

The elephant in the room with stress management

Many popular approaches are heavily focused on relieving the symptoms of stress such as

  • Resilience training
  • Wellness apps
  • Assistance phone lines 

Recent studies* and examples in the media indicate they are not as effective as needed but why?

Why are we still seeing issues from stress despite these methods?

They do not address the problems that cause stressful situations in workplaces

They support health, not causes. If you have a safety issue from a machine causing injuries, would you train more first aiders or would you guard that machine?

These methods should form part of an overall strategy. There are two different types of stress management strategy, the problem approach and the symptom approach.

Problem Approach

  • Can be applied before or after stress becomes a problem

  • Can be applied to groups as well as individuals

  • Work and job design, management systems, process improvement

Symptom Approach

  • Often after stress has become a problem.

  • Predominently relies on individuals to apply coping techniques.

  • Mindfullness, wellness apps, relaxation classes, resilience training

Who we are

"Understanding the extent of the problem our society has with stress and the serious impact it has on businesses and individuals while working over my career led me to a question, what can I do about it? My keen desire was to help, to create useful and measurable solutions for buisnesses that create real results. And its that desire to help, to make a difference that led to the creation of the Caldeira Consulting Company which has at its heart core values that are the foundation for all our services"
Amanda Caldeira, Founder Caldeira Consulting Ltd
Amanda is the Founder of Caldeira Consulting Company Ltd. She is a chartered safety and health practitioner with over 25 years’ worth of experience in business, 10 of those years in environment, health and safety with the previous years in business ownership, finance, banking and accounting. All of which has helped her to develop the original Wellbeing at Work Programme we offer.

Amanda Caldeira, Founder Caldeira Consulting Ltd

Our methods and techniques are based on years of experience in dealing with stress management, risk assessment and root cause analysis. Our Founder, Amanda Caldeira created the Wellbeing at Work Programme which contains a structured approach to undertaking this form of stress management. She is a chartered health and safety practitioner with experience working in banking, finance, chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering and healthcare industries

What we do

We are specialists applying the problem approach to stress management

Wellbeing surveys, stress audit and review

Undertake root cause analysis to identify underlying issues causing stress

Wellbeing consultancy services

Support you to identify the best actions to tackle issues causing stress

We are on a mission to stop the reactive stress cycle that is harming employees and business bottom line

We support businesses by dealing with the underlying stressors at work

We are on a mission to stop the reactive stress cycle that is harming employees and business
We support businesses by dealing with the underlying stressors at work

Our Services

What to expect from our services

Free call or site visit to discuss your needs and tailor a solution to suit your organisation.

Propose a bespoke package for your business which can include part or all of the following elements:

  • Training sessions and workshops on stress management for your team
  • Stress audit and review for your organisation
  • Wellbeing and stress surveys
  • Risk assessment identifying severity and underlying root causes of stressors
  • Wellbeing consultancy services
  • 12 month support

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