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A stress management strategy is a systematic approach designed to help organisations reduce the negative effects of stress by dealing with the causes instead of symptoms alone. It involves specialist risk assessment and promotes emotional well-being, resilience and overall health for a greater work culture and improved job satisfaction. Applying stress management strategies can provide significant returns for your business

Investing in the Caldeira Wellbeing At Work Programme can help with multiple long-term benefits for your company, including enhanced productivity, greater customer satisfaction, better decision-making, increased employee well-being and reduced absenteeism and turnover all resulting in greater profitability and success.

Measuring the effectiveness of our stress management strategies is a key aspect of our service, and we believe in data-driven results to ensure we positively impact your workplace. To assess the effectiveness of stress management, we support you in setting up surveys for feedback, support you with setting up appropriate key performance indicators and offer both long term support and long-term follow-ups at 12 months or earlier depending on your needs. By combining these different methods, we can establish that our services are evidence-based, adaptive and effective in creating a healthier and more productive environment for your company.

Our cause-based strategies effectively enable your team to manage and reduce workplace stress by looking at the root causes. A few of the things that the programme can deliver include training, risk assessment and stress profiling, time management and prioritisation methods, stress reduction techniques and better workload and task distribution. The strategies we provide are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs to help you and your employees build a better work culture.

Absolutely! We take great pride in offering bespoke stress management consultancy services tailored to suit the specific needs and culture of all companies we work with. We understand that each workplace is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing stress effectively.

Our experienced team work closely with you and your employees to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your workplace’s stressors, challenges and strengths. Based on this, we produce a program that aligns with your company’s values, goals and existing practices while improving and mitigating stress.

We do! As part of our stress management consultancy services, we offer training sessions to educate and empower your team with stress awareness and management techniques. These sessions are tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

We host engaging and interactive training covering various aspects of stress, its impact on individuals and the workplace, and effective strategies for managing and coping with this.

We are dedicated to helping organisations create a supportive and stress-resilient working environment through an evidence-backed strategic approach.

We begin by gathering information about your team and operations for analysis and conduct a whole team training session for your employees. We will also host a brainstorming session with core team members and produce a risk assessment and a stress profile assessment for root cause identification. This is for the immediate relief of employee stress and to create long-term solutions for your and your team’s ongoing success.