Monday Morning Blues – productivity and stress

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What is an important difference between two competitors in business where both have good branding, both have good reputations, both have great products, both are priced well, and both have a strategy for success, what other factor could make a big difference on one failing and the other succeeding?

Its people, and how they feel.

In a world where we are increasingly automating even our own intelligence, have we lost sight of the value our people bring through their productivity at work? And what causes people to be productive at work? Productive people are engaged people. Productive people are keen. Productive people are excited about their work and productive people are not burnt out. Productive people don’t dread Monday.

When we think about the rates of burnout in society today, what do we see?

What questions should we ask of our businesses? What if my people could be more productive, what would that mean for my business?

Often, beneath many of these issues lie deep causes within our operations and activities that challenge the environment and impact people, affecting these areas. As these areas are affected people can become frustrated, disengaged, and unhappy. Unhappy, frustrated and disengaged people do not contribute what they could, let alone bring the to the business their best. We all know this, because we have all been there to one degree or another. Many experts offer advice around getting enough rest, giving people incentives like bonuses or team building events, resilience training, even mindfulness sessions, all of these are wonderful, but, what if there is more that can be done?

What if there was a way to make your staff just 10% more productive than your competition? What would that mean for your business? What if, not just 10% more productive, but also less employee turnover, lower absence rates and more interest was taken? What if you could see an office or workplace environment where people were thriving, what then?

Only you can answer these questions. But think of the results, think of where this could take your business. How you could hold that secret to success that your equally good competitors don’t have – people who are thriving, engaged, happy and importantly – extremely productive!

Addressing the deeper causes behind engagement to support people at work to become the best they can be not only helps businesses perform but helps people working, because no-one should dread Monday morning.