The Christmas Rush

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Love it or hate it, Christmas happens every year and it is a opportunity for huge activity for many businesses. Businesses, particularly the ones solely focused on the season, have enormous levels of activity. Stress can go through the roof! In a similar way at home, many of us in addition to our additional seasonal work responsibilities, rush to get everything ready for our families. Get the Christmas dinner bought, snacks, party food, enough drinks, and, of course buy presents.

Each year though it seems we are adding to our loads, or maybe that is just my perception. Of course, if you enjoy doing more, Christmas eve boxes, elf on the shelf, the latest fashions in Christmas tree decorations etc… then power to you – but what about those who have already got too much on their hefty Christmas plate?

Christmas is not supposed to be a chore, or a hardship to anyone, so, why not take a minute to reflect on why we set these rules or standards for ourselves, and understand that we can change them. We can say no to extra work, extra parties, extra products. We can look at our busier seasonal periods in advance and review our plans to help our businesses take full advantage of them while supporting our staff. Its ok to forget the turkey, Christmas wont be ruined. Its alright if the tree is knocked over, it can be put back up. And, its absolutely fine if you fall asleep over new years eve countdown. Lets try to think of a gift to ourselves and our families this season, to add nothing more than we want to add, to enjoy each others company, and, to have a chuckle when it goes a bit wrong.

Merry Christmas everyone!