The Acceleration of digitalisation change

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Many years ago like many others, I bought my first mobile phone. It was a hard wearing popular brand, which, if you dropped it would neatly fall apart into its various pieces including its rubber buttons, screen and battery, and it would be easy to put it back together with no affect on its performance. It had messaging, calling, and the all important snake game. I spent hours on that game, filling my screen with a wiggly snake until it got so long it filled every pixel. How times have changed, but what is more interesting to me is how over the years, the pace of that digital change has accelerated. What is in fashion today, becomes out of date by tomorrow morning, or so it seems. That brand didn’t keep up with the pace of change and was soon overtaken by others.

Our smart phones, even our social media is an ever evolving thing. But is our digital world changing for the sake of change, for our benefit or, is it something else? Have we had time to stop and check the impact new digitalisation has on our lives? Our health? Our mental state? Our businesses? Do we even know the long term affects of digital products on our children? And, how do we keep up, as parents for example, who need to at least understand what their children have access to, in order to keep them safe from harm?

How has this speed of change in digitalisation affected our mental health? How do we as business owners, leaders and employees keep up with the changing demands from new digital upgrades, new platforms and new systems. How do we ensure our businesses stay relevant in this thirsty-for-change world?

The past 25 years has been interesting to observe, what we didn’t have just a few years ago seems indispensable to us today. Paradoxically though, the one constant thing that will never change is change itself. It is inevitable. How we approach it, understand it, and deal with it makes all the difference on how we can cope with it, work with it and benefit from it. Embracing change, understanding the underlying issues behind it and how those issues affect our businesses, our lives and our mental wellbeing is key to riding this wave of unprecedented, accelerated, change.