Stress management workshops

Highly engaging and interactive Wellbeing at Work programme workshops.

Full or half day workshops with groups on identifying issues causing stress together in highly engaging, positive and interactive training sessions.  Includes team brainstorming, creating stress profiles to assess severity of issues and aiding the group in identifying underlying causes of stress.

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Employee Stress Management Training For Businesses Like Yours

At Caldeira we provide stress management workshops for businesses in all industries. The workshops take your team through the process of how to understand stress factors, how to assess the severity of issues and take the team through the tools they can use to uncover the root causes at a group level. 

We help your team understand the link between factors causing increased workplace stress and productivity, absenteeism, and burnout, resulting in more profitability and a happier workforce.

Our Stress Management Workshops

Empowering your workforce

Tailored Workshop

The Caldeira team can visit your place of work to understand the background to your team, their activities and their workplace experience.

Group Based

Workshops have the best outcomes when conducted in groups of employees, usually working in a similar area and location. 


Groups will receive training on stress in the workplace and on the tools they can use to deal with the problems that increase the likelihood of stress occurring. 


We will take your team through the assessment process to identify clearly the most urgent issues causing stress in an interactive and engaging session. 


We help the team understand the process of applying the right actions to deal with the causes of stress in the workplace. 


Our Workshops are bespoke and tailored to your business’s needs. We work closely with you to meet the specific needs of your workplace environment. 

Follow up

We are dedicated to helping organisations create a supportive working environment that lasts; thats why we offer further support if needed to aid teams to take the process they have learned forward to make real change in their organisation. 

Why Choose Us

A unique take on consultancy with fixed programmes for fixed outcomes

Innovate For Success

Our products and services are developed through innovation from our years of experience. We are always asking and answering the question, ‘How can we improve this?’

People First, People Thrive

We are in the business of caring for people. We are interested in the individual's wellbeing, both our customers, partners and our employees. Our products and services are designed to help people thrive at work; we believe if people thrive, businesses thrive.


We hold our business to the highest standards of integrity. We are always honest and speak the truth. We show respect to all people at all times. We take accountability for our actions and communicate progress clearly with all our stakeholders.

Fairness & Compassion

We operate from a place of fairness towards all stakeholders and understand that true support can only be delivered through compassion. Compassion enables us to connect with the real needs of our workforces and fuels the “People first, People Thrive” value.

Deliver For Success

All our products are designed to deliver measurable results for businesses. We believe that a consultancy service, programme or product must make a tangible positive impact on a business.

What Our Clients Say

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  • Johnson Matthey


    “Amanda from Caldeira consulting ran a really powerful workshop for the JM Cambridge site as part of our focus during Mental Health Awareness Week. The session was really informative and interactive and most importantly really helped all those who attended start to consider countering stress in the workplace in a more collective and proactive manner. The root cause analysis techniques were very familiar as a science-based manufacturing organisation but the idea of applying these techniques to a collective review of workplace stressors rather than just treating the cause or even worse the symptoms of an individual.
    Amanda spoke with knowledge and experience on the subject and really engaged the audience throughout the session.” – Johnson Matthey

  • The Good Marketer


    “It’s quite likely that companies are aware of when their workforce is experiencing stress, but it might be less likely that they know and fully understand the causes of that stress.
    The most impactful part of our work with Amanda was the depth to which we looked at the root causes of our stressors—not just the stress itself. Doing so enabled us to adopt a proactive approach, and implementing preventative processes allowed us to alleviate the overall stress levels within our team. It
    wasn’t just suggesting that our employees take some deep breaths or get up and away from their laptops
    when things feel overwhelming; it was understanding where that overwhelm stems from and figuring out
    ways we could stop it in its tracks.
    Amanda’s kind and attentive nature was the perfect guidance to inspire an open and honest conversation
    about what changes we could make within our company to better support our employees.” – The Good

  • The Good Marketer

    The Good Marketer team member testimonial

    “My name is Lucia De Angelo, and whilst working at The Good Marketer, I had the opportunity to take part in the Wellbeing At Work programme by Caldeira Consulting.
    Agency work is renowned for its fast-paced and often stressful nature. Our senior management recognised the need for practical measures to alleviate the strain on our team, particularly as we approached the demanding Q4 period. Consequently, they enrolled us in sessions led by Amanda.
    As we approached the programme, we were soon approaching Q4. For those of us in marketing, the months of October, November, and December are especially demanding due to events like Black Friday and the winter holidays. This typically means an influx of new clients, last-minute projects, and many competing priorities.
    Because these events are inevitable, we always felt like stress was inevitable, too, so we hired Amanda in the hopes she could help us find ways to manage it, but she did much more. Through her guidance, we came to realise that whilst we couldn’t change the number of clients, we could better organise our time.
    Adopting a proactive approach and implementing preventative processes allowed us to alleviate the overall stress levels within our team.
    Reflecting on the past Q4, the difference is clear. Thanks to the insights provided by Caldeira Consulting, we not only reduced our stress levels but also saw tangible improvements in our internal processes.
    I am immensely grateful to Amanda for her invaluable contributions. Her dedication to our well-being has made a profound difference, and her expertise has left real improvements in the team.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

We host focus groups, interviews and stress management workshops with all team members so every employee can better their stress at work. We also implement a brainstorming session with the core team so our consultants can implement workplace well-being initiatives and strategies.

Yes, if these sessions are not interactive, then they will not work. This is not training; it is risk assessment and action planning specifically tailored to your needs. Your session will require full participation and engagement to achieve results.

Implementing a stress management programme in the workplace is important when fostering a healthy and productive work environment. Appropriate stress management includes undertaking a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. The Health and Safety at work act 1974 requires employers to ensure that the health & safety of employees is effectively managed. Fast-paced and demanding roles often lead to elevated stress levels among employees. This chronic stress impacts not only an individual’s wellbeing but also performance and job satisfaction.

Offering a stress management programme to your team helps companies demonstrate a commitment to their employees’ welfare and mental health. Our Wellbeing At Work service equips your team with effective cause-based solutions for stress. As a result, your employees become more engaged, focused and motivated, leading to improved productivity and profitability. Ultimately investing in stress management supports both the business and the employees within the workplace.

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